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A Must Have Christmas Pressie For Your Fur Baby - The Furbo HD Dog Camera...

I have been looking for a quality dog camera for some time now to keep an eye on my girls when I have to pop out of the house... and then I came across Furbo!

The Furbo is so much more than just a camera!

Interactive alerts let you know via the Furbo app (available on iOS and Android) if your fur babies are safe and well; it notifies you if your dog starts barking, in turn allowing you to visibly check up on them and communicate via a two-way audio system in order to put them at ease.

Furbo's other fabulous concept is the use of a clicker sound before tossing a treat to reinforce positive training.

In addition, there are two lights (yellow and blue – colours perceptible by dogs); the yellow light switches to blue to alert the dog of your interactive presence.

I am so impressed with the quality of this product, from the bamboo wood cover to the HD camera with night vision, plus the thrill of being able to track their special moments with photos and videos... PURE GENIUS!

What's more, Furbo are having a CHRISTMAS SALE!

On offer for the fantastic price of £129 from the 12th of December until Christmas 2018.

You will NOT be disappointed!

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