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Reasons Why A French Bulldog Could Be For You;

  • His size, personality and appearance make him a highly desirable pet.

  • He is very adaptable, happy to live in town or country environments.

  • He is not normally a noisy dog, seldom barking, but will let you know if he is not happy.

  • He will generally avoid trouble, but in the company of other dogs can enjoy boisterous games, especially loves to play with people.

  • He is not normally destructive, unless negleted; he enjoys stimulation and sensible toys.

  • He is happy with sensible, well behaved children, & enjoys their company.

  • He is a wonderful companion to all of the family, also ideally suited, living with one person. He is very astute at reading people's moods and responding accordingly.

  • He is extremley intelligent and quick to learn.

  • Generally he is a big personlity in a small package, he is easily amused and responds well to encouragement.

  • He has a short smooth coat, that doesn't need a lot of maintenance and has minimal coat shedding.

  • Hi is distinctive; his bat ears make him a noticeable individual.

  • He does not need docking, or the removal of dewclaws, his coat doesn't need clipping which makes him very easy to groom.

And A Few Reasons Why Not;

  • He is totally dependent on human companionship, and should not be left alone for long periods of time or he will be, like other breeds, bored and destructive. He is unsuited to families where all members are out at work all day.

  • He can suffer from flatulence!

  • His facial wrinkles, ears, and the creases around the tail need to be kept clean at all times.

  • He needs some regular excercise, although he suffers in the heat and cannot be considered a "Joggers" dog. If kept fit he enjoys long rambling walks on a regular basis.

  • Being left in a car on a hot day can kill most dogs, especially bull breeds, very quickly. Frenchies hate to be left; panic and heat are a lethal combination.

  • He also hates being cold.

  • Without regular and caring human attention he will be a boring, uninterested little person, but his natural disposition makes him a most ideal companion for the ideal person.

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