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By Corinne Binfield, Oct 31 2016 08:31AM

It was a pleasure to meet Lucy and Alex Bruce who arrived for cuddles with their True Blue Baby.

A really lovely couple who will give a wonderful home to one of our babies.

Not sure you will get a look in though Alex with this new baby!!

By Corinne Binfield, May 27 2014 06:19PM

We were over the moon to receive these fabulous pictures of 'Coco' our home bred chocolate girl and litter sister to our girl 'Cola'.

'Coco' lives with the Sheikh & Sheikha in one of the Royal Palaces in Abu Dhabi.

We love how happy she looks , just seeing these pictures make us burst with pride! she really is a sweetheart!

Her father is our beautiful chocolate boy 'Magnum' who boasts a world class pedigree.

By Corinne Binfield, May 21 2014 09:23AM

Liberty is our home bred baby, she really is stunning! We took these pictures of her enjoying the sunshine, when the sun shines on her coat her colours are quite striking!

She is small and compact with the most adorable sweet face.

Her genetics are double AT/AT d/d ky/ky which means that she will always pass the AT gene on to all her offspring.

There is also a 50/50 chance she carries chocolate,so mated to a dog with the same genetics she can possibly produce chocolate and tans as well as blue and tans. We are so excited about our girl and our future breeding plan.

By Corinne Binfield, May 10 2014 06:25PM

AND THE LOVE STORY CONTINUES!... Last year my beautiful blue girl 'River' who featured with Milo on BBC1 Ronnie's Animal Crackers went to live with Clare and Charles and there 2 staffies Tod and Daisy.

River fitted right in from the very beginning and never leaves Charles side she is his shadow.

When I mentioned to Clare that I was thinking of rehoming Milo as I have kept Radley who is Milos grandson and was looking for a very special home for him I must admit I was secretly hoping and praying that she would have him and the love story would be complete!

Well the ouctcome was that my darling boy left today and was reunited with River!

I really could not have chosen a better home for these two special little dogs and it makes my heart burst just to see how happy they are with Clare & Charles and not forgetting Tod and Daisy..

Here are some pics of River with Tod & Daisy, River reunited with Milo and then Milo settling into his new home sucking on his biscuit

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